Sun/Moon noise meter from PA0PLY idea.
Great to track moon noise with.
Very sensitive.

Transverters, Sequences, etc.

The old TH347 final stage should probably give more than enough with power, supported from my friend SM5DFP, Per
I just rebuilt it.
Later I will have a Hirschman 19" rack and the possibility to take more than 2 Kw out on 1296 MHz

2 stage preamp from VHF design in Ukraine 0.3 dB noise, lot of gain.
But a little bit better noise figure from Sams (G4DDK) preamp I use now

An old homebuilt HS aggregate, butI will use a more powerful one.

My design of F1EHN moon tracking unit with US Digital A2 absolute sensor for az and elevation.

F1EHN PCB pre-assembled, works very well.