The first TH347 I work with, later a more advanced unit.
G3SEK G! and G2 control board.

One more pictures on the TH347 PA

Down is power supply about 4000v and up is G3SEK controler bard in a 19 " rack

Started to built the G1 and G2 controller board for tetrodes an also a board for a triode.

TX rackar

Backside of PA and rack for G3SEK tetrode board to the right.
I have a adjusted transformer for the filament built in.

Top of rack with G3SEK tetrode board.

TH348 PA soon ready for test, expect more than 1,5 Kw out

TH347 rack to the right and nearest is the rack for G3SEK tetrode board.

TH347 Pa is soon ready to work, Rebuilt it all.

Power amplifier with TH347 should provide enough power. Before rebuiling it.