New hydraulic system for elevation

New hydraulic system for elevation

Here I get some help from my friends.

We cut away some of the hub so I can elevat the dish about 35 degrees without lifting it up

Here Törje climbs up and cuts off a piece of the hub, (he is not afraid of heights)

One more picture of the Hubb modification

Detail of the bottom of the elevation unit.

Modified and even more powerful elevation unit.

Feels like the dish will end up very high

Looks more like a cannon tower

The elevator all the way up and the bracket for the dish was taught to 0 degrees

Here the bracket for the dish is taught 65 degrees, which is max what I can teach fully automatically, with a little work I fix 90 degrees. When mounting and dismantling the dish from its bracket

One more picture

One more picture

one more picture

Boxes for elevation and also a tv camera

New elevation unit before painting

The arm for elevation

Very powerful motor that will be ready soon, 35 mm trapezoidal rod with associated nuts should give proper power and strength.

Painted and ready to mount

So, a powerful actuator unit looks ready, can handle several tons, but the dish will be weighed down so the tilting power is almost non-existent.
The powerful unit is for any storms etc. that can grab the dish.