Finally got hold of a suitable tube for the hub.
Diameter 400 mm and weight about 80 Kg

The roundabouts to the hub I have been helped to watercut out
by my friend Pelle.
Ready to weld together with the center pipe.
Diameter 100cm with center space holes for mounting on the bracket 35cm.

Now the hub is ready. It just gets painted, too expensive to galvanize it.
Weight about 120 Kg

Two ribs sample mounted before galvanizing them..

Hub ready for painting with hammer varnish

Painting with hammer varnish

I made a measurement miss ... 5 mm too small diameter of the center hole in the hub so that the starting mounting of the dish had to be interrupted and mounted down. Now fixed as well

Rib layed out for mounting.
At the bottom are the counterweight arms and above them are the "hinges" for the elevation.