Me, to the right and my friend Fredrik

The dish elevate a bit

Here You see the service platform

Front of 8 meters dish

Nice picture on the rim

Only thing thats miss is the feed horn.

Soon ready to work

All my good friends that help me put up the dish.

A good construction that allows me to rotate the entire dish around its axis for service

My friend Törje lossens the lifting rope

Now is the dish almost in place

almost in place

The disk in place, now it should be lowered to zero degree.

Here you can see a bit of the lift system for the hole dish.

When mounted, the disk stands 90 degrees up

Now the hub should be threaded onto the mounting tube

The lift begins...

The lift begins...

Preparation for the lift

Preparation for the lift


30.10.2019 23:48

Per dfp

Oj, Den ser väldigt bra ut. och stor!